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Areas of Legal Practice | Phoenix, AZ

 Family Law | AZ


Your family law issue is surely is one of the most emotionally charged experiences you will face in life. When facing such personal turmoil, it is crucial to utilize calculating, considerate, and comprehensive representation. Read more

Child Support | AZ

Child Support Attorney Phoenix AZ

At Kuipers Law PLLC, we strive to uncover and fully examine all important and influential documents, and are prepared to utilize these in avoiding drawn-out legal battles over support issues. Read more

Criminal Defense | AZ

Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ

The impact of a criminal conviction is enormous. Losing one’s job, losing job opportunities, losing one’s family, traveling ability, and one’s freedom are just a few of the likely impacts of a criminal conviction. At Kuipers Law we are the guardians of your rights. Read more

Civil Defense | AZ

Civil Law Attorney Phoenix Arizona

From the moment we accept your case file, we analyze the medical record thoroughly, the medical professional members of our legal team prepare our internal assessments of the case, and we design a winning custom-strategy for you. Read more



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